More Off-Islanders On Committees Increasing Costs, Says Councillor

fred ticehurst 2A St Mary’s councillor has argued against expanding the number and size of Council committees because it would increase costs, particularly if those members live on the off-islands.

Cllr Fred Ticehurst, who represents St Mary’s but lives on Bryher, twice made references to the cost of off-island members sitting on committees at the special Full Council meeting held on Tuesday. The first was during a debate on council budgets and he later repeated this during a discussion on membership of the Council’s Policy and Resources committee.

“Chairmen of some of these committees might be members from the off-islands,” he said, “increasing the costs of meetings quite substantially.”

This led Council vice chair Amanda Martin to ask, “Are you suggesting that only St Mary’s councillors living on St Mary’s are eligible to be chairs?”

Fred said he was just trying to point out how costs might increase significantly.

Councillors agreed to add the chair of the new Transport Committee to Policy and Resources, the important finance body within the Council.

Only Transport, Licensing and Standards are not currently represented.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said Transport was an important committee with a quarter of a million pound budget and should be represented on P&R.

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