Street Food Vending To Be Allowed On St Mary’s

The Strand

The Strand

Food vendors are to be allowed to trade from street stalls on St Mary’s.

Earlier this year, the Council was unable to deal with requests for permits from two potential businesses because no policy was in place.

Pom Ellis had asked for permission to sell Thai food and Tania and Pete Reynolds wanted to operate a crepe stall.

There’ll be eight licences on offer. Four will allow cooking and sales, the rest will only allow sale of uncooked food.

Members agreed that stalls could only be operated for six hours a day and sites have to be cleared by 8.30pm.

Dudley Mumford wanted to know whether the policy affected the chip van but chief technical officer Neville Gardner said the space behind the Town Hall wasn’t on the public highway.

That concession brought in £500 for the council, he said.

The traders will be able to use The Strand. Chief planner, Craig Dryden, told Radio Scilly that there’s no planning issue if their units are removed each day.