Special Meeting Called With Residents Over Pendrathen Plans

Pendrathen Quarry

Pendrathen Quarry

There’ll be a special meeting discussing proposals for dumping inert waste material at Pendrathen.

Andy Street of consultants SLR, the firm overseeing the Council’s waste plans, says he has met with the Jackson’s Hill and Pilot’s Retreat locals who formed the Moorwell Improvement Group.

And as there has been vocal opposition from Telegraph and McFarland’s Down residents, it only seemed fair to meet with them, too, he says.

Andy says no decision has been taken about the site and the session will outline the pros and cons of using Pendrathen.

Andy accepts that, if there is significant community and political opposition to that site, then gaining planning consent could be a challenge.

Dr Randolph Hessing says he wants as many locals as possible to attend next Tuesday’s meeting at 6pm in the Council Chambers. He says an 80-name petition has already been submitted to the Council.


2 Responses to Special Meeting Called With Residents Over Pendrathen Plans

  1. Mark Prebble March 22, 2013 at 9:12 am

    It doesn’t Ruth.

    The manner in which the council adopted the strategy proposed by SLR in 2009 demonstrated their lack of commitment to any public debate about how to manage Scillies waste.

    Councillor Ticehurst’s recent refusal to allow council members to review the consequences of that decision appears to show a degree of contempt towards accountability and transparency that i trust the new council will seek to reverse.

  2. Ruth March 20, 2013 at 11:39 am

    Several years ago at some expense to the tax payers test holes were dug at Pendrathen to determine the leachate going down to the sea.
    At that time it was deemed unsuitable what makes it o.k now