St Martin’s Pulls Together Over Hotel And Pub Closure

St Martin's Hotel

St Martin’s Hotel

St Martin’s residents have met to discuss the impact of the closure of the island’s hotel.

The business unexpectedly ceased trading earlier this month.

The annual island meeting, chaired by Christine Savill last week, didn’t offer any solutions to the hotel situation but provided a forum for some locals to air their concerns.

The lack of toilet provision at Lower Town, as the hotel and the pub are no longer open, has worried some islanders.

Attendees did decide to take action to show that the island is open for business. They’ve collectively decided to produce a weekly sheet showcasing food options and events on the island.

Anna Cawthray will coordinate the guide, which launches next weekend and will be posted in the Higher Town waiting room, at the Reading Room and at the Post Office.

Anna says St Martin’s has so much to offer visitors and the weekly guide is a great way to make sure they get the best out of their visit. She says she can email the sheet to anyone who would like it.

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