Scilly’s AONB Boss Speaks Out Against Waste Management Plans

aonb signThe manager of the Isles of Scilly AONB has said he doesn’t support the dumping of inert waste material at Porth Wreck and that there are “significant challenges” with using Pendrathen Quarry instead.

The paper written by Dr Trevor Kirk in response to the Council’s Waste Management consultation, and presented at last Thursday’s AONB Joint Advisory Group meeting, says that access to the Porth Wreck site by heavy vehicles could cause significant damage to adjacent scheduled monuments.

And hard engineering at Porth Wreck, such as rock armour, could result in accelerated coastal erosion in adjacent areas as wave energy is deflected and concentrated elsewhere.

Trevor says using Pendrathen Quarry is the “least worst? option but warns there must be “rigorous testing” of the material to establish that it’s inert.

Increased traffic, noise and dust affecting the residents of residents of McFarland’s Down would also “require sensitive management.”

And the AONB wants assurances that dumping 13,000 tonnes of material at Pendrathen would not affect the current recycling of building materials at the site.

Trevor says he welcomes the Council’s recognition of the importance of waste reduction, and not just recycling, but feels they need to be clearer on their strategies for achieving this.

The AONB wants future consultations to focus on this area.

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