MP Meets Scilly’s Next Generation Of Politicians

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

Local MP Andrew George has met the islands’ Members of the Youth Parliament during a visit to Scilly.

His meeting with MYP Maddie Sibley, her deputy Alice Chuter and five other Five Islands School students formed part of a one-day media training project, organised by the Youth Hub.

It was a chance for the pupils to discuss how young people are portrayed in the media and develop their skills as local ‘media champions.’

The session included how to write the news, PR, interview training, filmmaking and understanding libel.

Andrew said he was impressed with the youngsters he met. They were clearly very well informed, he said, adding that they would make better MPs than many that are in parliament at the moment.

Andrew said they questioned him on transport issues in Scilly and his role as an MP.

And his words of advice to the budding politicians – analyse every word and consider the consequences before you utter it.