‘Crowdsourcing’ Used To Fund St Martins Man’s Book

Toby Tobin-Dougan

Toby Tobin-Dougan

A St Martins man is hoping online Scilly-lovers will help meet the cost of publishing his second book.

Toby Tobin Dougan hopes to print a follow-up to The Island Ingredient, which mixed recipes with his photographic diary of St Martins life.

And he wants to use ‘crowdsourcing,’ which relies on multiple investors backing projects, to fund the book.

Instead of a share of proceeds, Toby is offering rewards that vary depending on how much of the £8,000 required is given.

Donors will receive Toby’s postcards, signed copies of his first book and tee shirts. The largest amount, £250, will secure an advert in the book called The Seasons Ingredient.

The website Kickstarter, which helps find funders, offers just one month for responses. There’s 24 days left and so far £140 has been raised.

Toby has produced a video message for potential supporters which can be viewed on the website here.