‘Reablement’ Training Offered To Scilly’s Health Staff

St Mary's Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital

Scilly healthcare and social services staff are to be offered training to help elderly or disabled islanders maintain independence after illness or injury.

St Just-based company, JDM Healthcare, has been awarded the contract to train staff in what’s known as reablement.

The concept encourages clients to re-learn everyday life skills and achieve goals. It differs from traditional care services where staff carry out tasks for clients. It’s felt this can lead to dependency.

Head of health and adult social care, Clive Ackerman, says health workers will offer a short and intensive service, usually delivered in the client’s home.

He says research has found that people who have been assisted in this way have greater improvements in physical functioning. And he says that reablement is, “highly empowering.” Experience on the mainland is that clients experience a better quality of life compared with those who use standard home care services.

The delivery of reablement services was identified as a key action by local health partners and the Primary Care Trust

Funding has been transferred from the NHS to the Council, but Clive says it won’t be used until there is a full team in place in Scilly to deliver the services.