Ownership Of Scilly Church Clock Closer To Being Solved

The clock mechanism

The clock mechanism

The ownership of a Victorian clock mechanism that’s been sitting in a Council storeroom could be closer to being solved.

The clock was taken down from St Mary’s Parish Church when the new bells where installed in 2009 and a new electric timepiece put in to replace it.

At last week’s Full Council meeting, vice chair Amanda Martin said she had gone through old ledgers brought down from the attic of the Town Hall. She said the books refer to the clock in parish accounts and she’s now “more convinced of the ownership.”

But Amanda declined to comment further, saying, “we’ll need to come back to that in the proper manner.”

Earlier in the meeting, Cllr Brian Lowen had thanked the editor of The Scillonian, Clive Mumford, for research into back issues of the magazine.

Several items indicated it did belong to the Council, said Brian, although he said an entry in a 1941 edition had stated there was a complete absence of any information concerning its purchase, acquisition or installation.

The ownership of the clock mechanism was questioned last year when a request was made to the Council for £25,000 to refurbish it and install it in the new Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa.

Councillors agreed to establish who owned it before any decision is made.