Secret Council Sessions In Scilly Can Be Recorded

wesleyan chapel full council meetingThe Council has agreed to allow digital recordings of confidential committee minutes, where the public and press are excluded.

This was originally proposed last year by Cllr Richard McCarthy, who felt the recordings could be used to check the accuracy of meeting minutes.

The proposal was brought to Full Council last November, but a decision was deferred after acting chief executive, Neville Gardner, recommended seeking legal advice.

Councillors have now been told that recording is allowed, as long as precautions are made to keep the recording separate from those of the public part of the meeting. The recording will also need to be destroyed once the minutes are approved.

There was also concern about how much time the clerk would spend going through the recording. Richard felt they should normally only check a recording if there was a query or dispute, or if a key point had been missed out of the minutes.

The new proposals suggested that committee chairman could veto a recording being made, but Cllr McCarthy asked for that to be removed.

Cllr Dudley Mumford agreed, asking how a chairman could know how the debate is going to unfold.

Cllr Bilsborough felt this was a sensible way to check minutes, describing the new procedure as, “simply a safeguard.”