End In Sight For Porthcressa Work

New library under construction at Porthcressa

New library under construction at Porthcressa

Most of the £4.5m Porthcressa regeneration work will be completed and open to the public by Easter.

Diana Mompoloki, who is overseeing the project for the Council, says the site office Portacabins will be removed from the bank and sent back to the mainland over the next fortnight.

The site office and worker facilities will temporarily relocate to the workspace, and the portaloos at the side of the Town Hall will be taken away by the Bank Holiday too, as the new toilets in the shelter will be open by then.

Building the workspaces and the flats above was delayed because grant funding for the local needs accommodation was offered at a late stage. It looked liked single storey workspaces would be built, with the option to add upstairs flats. Then in February last year, the Homes and Communities Agency offered £240,00 for the upper floor accommodation.

Diana says there’ll be an open day on May 1st during which islanders can view the housing, work units, toilets, library and register office.

She says that the choice of plants, which were bedded in earlier this month, has created some interest. Diana says they all grow on the islands and are low maintenance.

The Italian stone pine trees are hardy, grow to 10m and provide the pine nuts used in pesto!

Tresco Gardens Curator Mike Nelhams chatted through the plant options at the design stage but he says he’s uncertain about the choice of stone pine in an open position. Mike has requested the final plant list and says it would not be too late to source the right plants at this stage.

3 Responses to End In Sight For Porthcressa Work

  1. Nobby Nobbs March 25, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    It is nice, but its not £10,000,000’s worth of nice

    And where are the trees to provide the tourists, with shade in the summer. Even Napoleon understood the need for shade and he was French

  2. Mike March 25, 2013 at 10:46 am

    And so it goes on. We can’t believe the incompetence surrounding this project, which after delays, was supposed to be finished at the latest in December 2012.The islanders and visitors have had to suffer unnecessarily extended noise & disruption.

    We understand that later this year, maybe July or August, the Town Hall will be refurbished.If this is the case, bearing in mind the Craft & Farmers Markets, this is another spectacular own goal for an economy that is based on tourism.

    No wonder tourist numbers are down.

  3. Colin March 25, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Elsewhere, I have seen a photo of the new curved steps on Porthcressa. Recently here in Weymouth larger curved steps were built for a block of luxury flats. Prior to the opening, the steps were ripped up and conventional straight steps were built. We were told that even though the flats were not officially open, too many people were loosing their footing as when descending, the step wasn’t were it should be due to the curvature.

    Hope this isn’t seen as H&S in overkill as it is directed merely as an observation.