Council Water Users To Receive Meter Leaflet

tapBryher and St Mary’s-based users of the Council’s water services will receive a leaflet about water meters in their bills over the next few weeks.

Last month Radio Scilly raised the issue of metering with the Town Hall after St Mary’s estate agent Tony Dingley claimed the lack of metering meant light water users were paying for more water than they used.

After our email questions were not answered, director of finance Peter Lawrence-Roberts says introducing metering would add to water costs.

And that’s why we don’t have them.

Peter says in 2008, costs were estimated at £128 for putting in each meter. And reading them would require adding at least one employee to the water department staff of two.

Peter says he discussed the matter with chief technical officer Neville Gardner and it appears that some properties are also unable to have water meters in the present form because buildings have been subdivided and share a water source. If metering was adopted, whole properties could require re-plumbing,

Peter adds that there is not a legal obligation to have meters and as the only publicly owned water company in England and Wales, the Council offers some of the lowest water charges to the customer when compared to mainland private companies.


3 Responses to Council Water Users To Receive Meter Leaflet

  1. JOHN BANFIELD March 14, 2013 at 9:37 am

    The issue over water meters has been avoided by the Council for years, when my son converted a derelict store in Hugh Town into a one bedroomed property for him to live in, we were refused a water meter when we were connected to the Council mains.
    When we built a new home in Holy Vale in 2010, before we had the footings dug a member of the Council workforce came down to put a meter on the supply so they could charge for the water we used on the new build, this they said would be taken away on completion,as it was not council Policy to meter private homes. Part of our Planning conditions were that we installed a Water harvesting system for the new build, holding tanks, pressure pumps and extra underground pipework, do we get any consideration for this extra expense! not a penny, we pay the same water rates as everybody else.

  2. Peter March 13, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    What tree did these guys fall out of ?
    Why do you have to employ another person. Transfer one from another department if you have to,from a department that is over staffed.
    Nobody asked what it costs to have the water meter installed.
    Mr Dingley made a statement that is very clear and a lot more people agree with, than disagree.
    What it is really called is fairness. Not how do we make life easy for ourselves.
    Please be more specific than “some properties” If you want people to trust what you say,explain what you saying so everybody can understand.What the cost is on mainland has got nothing to do with what the question is about our problem.
    When are these people in positions of “Decision making” going to actually make decisions instead of excuses as to why it can’t be done.
    We come back to the same old thing,I know my responsibility but I am not accountable

  3. Samual Vimes cmdr March 13, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I am no fan of the council and the technical dept in particular, however in this instance count your blessings because our water rates are probably the lowest in the country.

    On the mainland you have to pay a water and a sewage bill, often to two separate companies and the combined costs often total several hundred pounds a month, I kid you not.
    So in this instance it might be better for all concerned if those who are causing a fuss over this issue, didn’t.