Duchy Gets New Chief Executive

Hugh House, the offices of the Duchy of Cornwall

Hugh House, the offices of the Duchy of Cornwall

The Duchy of Cornwall has appointed a new chief executive to take over from Bertie Ross.

Mr Ross is retiring after 10 years in the £200,000 a year role.

Alastair Martin has been appointed as Secretary and Keeper of the Records, a title that dates back to the fourteenth century. He’s a 52-year old qualified land agent and chartered surveyor from Somerset.

It’s unclear when Mr Martin will visit Scilly but a Duchy spokesperson says there is a lengthy handover process going on, which will include visits to the Duchy estate.

Richard McCarthy is secretary of the Duchy Tenants Association. He says the group has had a “reasonably amicable” relationship with the outgoing Mr Ross, although there were disagreements over a previous Land Steward’s attempts to bring in ‘Bed Tax’ arrangements for farmers without proper consultation.

Richard adds that whenever Mr Ross visited Scilly, he made an effort to meet with the DTA.

He says he’s looking forward to meeting Mr Martin.