Updated: Council Rejects Waste Committee Idea But Will Consult Locals Again

Waste management site at Moorwell

Waste management site at Moorwell

There’ll be another consultation exercise over controversial plans for waste management on St Mary’s.

But the chairman of the General Purposes committee has refused to form a special sub-committee to scrutinise the proposals.

Fred Ticehurst said “no” to the written request, read out at yesterday’s Full Council meeting. He gave no reason why this could not be put in place.

Some councillors have voiced concern that the 3-day waste consultation in January had not been widely promoted and that many islanders were away at the time.

The period for written responses was extended after plans to transport ‘inert’ material from the Moorwell dump to sites at Porth Wreck and Pendrathen were condemned by some locals.

Andy Street of consultants SLR, says the extra sessions on the 25th and 26th of March follow a request made in Council by vice-chairman Amanda Martin for another event.

The Consultation, in the Council Chamber, will follow the previous format and will offer a chance to put questions.

Following the first event, the Moorwell Improvement Group was formed to tackle concerns of Jackson’s Hill and Pilot’s Retreat residents.

After Clive Sibley from that group met with SLR, he told Radio Scilly of an agreement to reroute the dump access road so school children would no longer share the roadway.

But this week, Council officer Diana Mompoloki said plans for a new access road past the former wholesalers, a site chosen for the new Innovation Centre, was “highly unlikely.”

Added Mar 8, 2013 @ 19:48

Clive Sibley says that there has been no decision made regarding access and that the re routing of the access road to Porthmellon remains, “very much on the cards.”

He said this is now SLR’s preferred solution to the conflict problems of the existing entrance and that detailed plans have been drawn up identifying how the new road will work.

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