Sports Therapy To Be Made Available In Scilly

Bryher MUGA Opening 2011Islanders with sports or muscle injuries will be able to receive treatment from a full-time sports therapist practising on St Mary’s from April.

Darren Mason has worked with both amateur and professional sportspeople since 2007.

Since the new sports hall opened, a number of islanders have sustained sprains and minor sporting injuries.

Darren highlights two surveys, which he feels indicate the need for his service because of the number of islanders playing sport. A MORI poll named Scilly as the most active community in the UK.

And in the 12 months leading up to October 2012, Sport England revealed that over half of us undertook at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise or physical activity each week.

“With such a high percentage of people partaking in all manner of exercise there is always a risk of injury” he says.

But its not just regular sports or challenges like the Tresco Triathlon and Rowvember that can bring injury.

Darren says that Scilly’s natural beauty and open spaces provide opportunities to walk, cycle, canoe and sail, “and these all come with a risk of injury.”

Darren says his job title of Sports Therapist can be misleading.

“Whether you roll your ankle on the rugby pitch, or when stepping out of the bath, the treatment and rehabilitation you  receive would be the same,” he says.

And Darren hopes to talk with St Mary’s Health Centre about treating patients who have undergone surgery and those with work-related injuries.

Each session will contain a mixture of rehabilitation, preventive work and guidance, he says.

Darren says he’s a lover of remote, rural places and is looking forward to relocating from Gloucestershire in March, with his wife Sarah who has been appointed manager of the Wildlife Trust.

He’ll be available initially on Monday mornings from 8th April but hopes to add more hours as interest increases.