Scilly Police Crackdown On Late Night Bike Theft

bikesScilly’s police chief wants islanders to stop viewing the taking of bicycles as “borrowing” and report it as theft.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says reports will give police a better idea of where and when bikes are taken and where they end up.

Colin says there hasn’t been an increase in reports of cycles taken but he wants to, “tackle the issue head on”. He warns that, “if you are riding another’s bike without permission you are a thief and will be dealt with as such.”

Sergeant Taylor spent around two hours of his own time patrolling the town after the pubs closed last weekend, checking that cyclists were on their own machines.

Three cyclists were stopped. None of the bikes had been taken but one machine was without working front and rear lights.

Colin is aware that an increase in reports will show in crime figures and suggests that locking up bikes in the first place will prevent this.


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