Councillor Calls Scilly Flats ‘A Disgrace’

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats

The appearance of a block of Scilly flats, “is a disgrace” and the vice chairman of Council would like more attention paid to improving the look of public spaces in the town.

Amanda Martin highlighted Porthcressa Flats in the recent Community Services meeting. She told councillors she recognised that Porthcressa Road is not a main thoroughfare used by visitors but that, “we all have to live and work here and it’s not a good experience.”

Amanda spoke of her aspiration that more could be done to keep areas neat and tidy.

Housing officer Ian Hamilton said tenants were responsible for tidying areas around their homes but the Council is responsible for enforcing that. Some of the garages have been sold off as freeholds but the rear yard is the Council’s responsibility.

He accepted that the building wasn’t attractive but will look better once planned works are complete and that may encourage people to do more.

Exterior improvements to Porthcressa Flats will be delayed though.

Only one applicant has expressed an interest in the work, even though it has been put out to tender twice.

Council rules required multiple quotes and that will need to be relaxed so the work can be undertaken after April, Ian explained.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said it would be, “nice to get a move on” with the work.

It’s been suggested that a consultant will hire a couple of contractors for the work and Ian told Councillors this would be cheaper than the tendering process.


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