Youngsters In Court For Criminal Damage

wesleyan chapel 2

The Old Wesleyan Chapel

Two local children have pleaded guilty to charges of criminal damage.

The pair, both aged 15, were in court at the Old Wesleyan Chapel yesterday.

It follows an incident that resulted in fire extinguishers being discharged at St Mary’s Quay on New Year’s Eve.

Four children including the two locals were questioned by police early in the New Year after one of the group was identified from their distinctive fancy dress clothing, which was captured on the harbour CCTV.

After the incident the youngsters were banned from the quay.

The court has given both children referral orders, which require them to work with the Youth Offending Team. They were also ordered to pay £75 each in compensation for the loss of the fire extinguishers and the costs of cleaning up the mess. They will also have to pay court costs.

Sergeant Colin Taylor of St Mary’s Police says sending any youth to court is not a decision which is taken lightly. He says that there is Home Office guidance and a structure that he must adhere to.

A child is given a reprimand first. If there is a further offence there is a final warning and if there is offending after that, they are charged to court.

Colin says he followed this procedure precisely with this case.