Scilly’s Families Positive About Health Services

St Mary's Health Centre

St Mary’s Health Centre

Most families who responded to a LINk4Scilly survey are happy with the health care that their children receive on the islands.

But there were concerns over the lack of access to optometry and physiotherapy services.

The survey was sent out by the islands health watchdog in Spring 2012 and reported at last month’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

LINk says that most families felt GP services in Scilly were ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, and particularly appreciated the off-island surgeries, although 4 out of 23 responders said that recent discontinuity in GP cover was unsettling.

One person felt that GPs were dismissive and did not respond to their concerns. LINk also say there is still concern about the ease and speed of obtaining an appointment.

The islands’ health visitor system is still valued by families, although 3 people felt that the level of cover had deteriorated and lacked consistency. Last year, the Council discussed difficulties recruiting qualified people for the role and cover from the mainland has been used.

But most negative comments were reserved for the islands’ optometry services. Some respondents queried the arrangements for screening, saying problems might only be picked up by chance.

LINk says that poor and irregular access to eye tests on the islands is a recurring complaint in every survey and they’re concerned that children’s eye screening is also perceived to be insufficient.

Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust said the vision screening service is provided to all 4 and 5 year olds on the Isles of Scilly including the off islands, in line with the rest of the county and a consultant ophthalmologist attends St Marys for clinics throughout the year.

There was praise for the recent appointment of a school nurse, who also oversees primary children’s mental health. 6 people described the introduction of this service as excellent and much needed.

Maternity services on Scilly were also reported to be good, although there was a request for scans to be available locally and one respondent complained about a lack of confidentiality.

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