Nominations Invited For Council Elections

The Town Hall

The Town Hall

The vice chair of Council, Amanda Martin, says she hopes a ‘good cross-section’ of our community will stand for election in the upcoming local elections.

Speaking on Radio Scilly, Amanda explained that nominations for the 2nd May elections would need to be in by noon on April 5th. And everyone standing needs to get the signatures of ten nominees in their chosen ward by that date.

There are 5 wards in Scilly – St Mary’s, with 13 councillors and one each for the four off-islands, each with 2 councillors.

You can stand for any ward, although you’ll need to be nominated and elected by the residents in that ward.

Unfortunately anyone working for the Council or school is ineligible to stand for election and there are also other exclusions for people with criminal records or those who have been declared bankrupt.

Amanda says it’s important not to leave submission until the last minute because all nominees’ signatures will need to be checked against the electoral role and if any are missing, you’ll have to fill out all the forms again.

Amanda says being a councillor can be very rewarding although there are good days and bad days!

She hopes a good cross section of people will stand at these elections because she feels the Council needs to represents the community as a whole.

When asked if she feels more younger people need to come forward, Amanda said that many councillors had spent years, even decades, serving the community and they should be applauded for that.

But she added, “ We need to think ahead and train people to be a councillor. It takes a while to settle in and learn the ropes. In a sense, we want to grow the Council of the future.”

Anyone wishing to stand for election should obtain a nomination pack from the Town Hall.

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