More Consultation Over Scilly’s Travel Issues

Skybus Twin Otters at St Mary's Airport

Skybus Twin Otters at St Mary’s Airport

There’s going to be more consultation over travel issues.

Recently the Council bolstered its Transport Committee with increased status and responsibility over the airport. And last year, the community action group Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport started campaigning for year-round reliable links outside of the Council’s activities.

Now, another group focusing on transport issues looks likely to be set up by the Council.

A transport forum will meet three times a year and formally engage with stakeholders and provide a place for discussion. It will supplement the work of the transport committee, which discussed the idea.

Full Council will now be asked to approve the formation of the forum.

Chief planner Craig Dryden told Radio Scilly it could identify particular issues that need addressing.

It’s not certain who will be part of this group yet. Craig says the membership could include representatives from organisations involved in travel and transport connecting with the mainland and also boat operators and businesses dealing with inter-island travel.

There could also be on-island travel representation, including haulage firms, private hire vehicle operators, cyclists and even the police.

The chair and vice chair of the Transport Committee will work on the group’s composition.


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