Scilly Council Refuses To Reveal Chief Exec Payout Sum

philip hygate P&R meeting 2The Council of the Isles of Scilly has refused to disclose further details of the leaving package paid to outgoing chief executive, Philip Hygate.

Mr Hygate announced his early retirement on January 10th, ten weeks after being suspended from his role. He is expected to leave the islands on April 2nd.

Under a Freedom of Information request submitted two weeks ago, Radio Scilly asked for details of all payments made to Mr Hygate as part of his leaving package.

At first, the Council refused to even acknowledge the request.

But yesterday, after two further email requests, a spokesman for the Council said that information on final salary and allowances was being withheld as they intend to publish this in the Council’s accounts at a future date.

And information on any one-off lump sum payments to Mr Hygate’s pension fund was withheld because this was considered confidential.

The Freedom of Information Act allows public bodies to withhold information if they intend to publish it at a future date. However, this can be waived if disclosing the information is considered to be in the public interest.

Radio Scilly has asked for an internal review of the request, as we believe this information should be made public.

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