FRIST Hopes Tresco Deal Will Boost Scilly Traffic

tresco pentle bayBryher councillor Marian Bennett has told members that off-islands visitors may be unhappy that Tresco travellers will enjoy a special rate for their transport.

Approved minutes from a Council Transport meeting reveal that Marian raised concerns over the reduced fares, “when so much of the journey is of the exact same quality and duration.”

But speaking to Radio Scilly news, Marian says she accepts Tresco and larger accommodation providers will broker the best deal possible for their customers and she adds that, “we would all do given the buying power.”

Nick Sanders of the Steamship Company says Tresco are a commercial business and as such reward them with a rate that reflects their number of passengers.

Cllr Bennett’s colleague on the transport action group FRIST, Dick Cliffe, says he hopes the arrangement between Tresco Estate and the Steamship Company works well and that Scilly has a good tourism season despite the national, “climate of austerity” and the loss of the helicopter service which was, “popular and convenient.”

In the Transport meeting, economic development officer Julian Pearce remarked that there could be options open to other off-islands to broker a similar deal with the Steamship Company and local boat service providers.

Marian said that FRIST is working towards affordable fares to and from the mainland for all passengers and any concession is welcomed.

Tresco Estate declined the chance to comment.

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