Money Awarded To Island Events

terra nova ship

The Terra Nova

The Council have awarded money from its Community Fund for two events to take place on the islands this year.

£750 has been given to mark the centenary of the visit of Captain Scott’s ship, the Terra Nova, to Scilly and £500 was granted to organisers of this year’s Scilly Folk Festival.

The three-day Terra Nova event, being organised by Mary Cleveland, will celebrate the 1913 layover of the ship in Scilly on its return to the UK. The expedition was high profile at the time, since Captain Scott and his expedition party died on the return journey to the ship from the South Pole, having been beaten to the site by the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen.

Mary has invited several leading polar historians to the islands to give presentations at the event, which will also include an evening production of “A Father for my Son”, a play about Scott’s widow Kathleen, featuring Jenny Coverack.

The total cost of the commemoration is expected to be in the region of £4,000 with some of the money being raised by Mary giving evening lectures during the season.

The two grants received broad support from councillors at last Thursday’s Policy and Resources meeting, although there was some debate over how much of the balance of this year’s Community Fund, which currently stands at £2,500, should be used.

Cllr David Pearson felt the events could have positive results for the islands and proposed allocating the full amount left in the fund to the two applicants; £1,500 for Ms Cleveland and £1,000 for the folk festival.

However, Cllr Mumford said they didn’t have to spend the whole fund, especially when the Council was looking to make economies, and that view was supported by councillors.

Cllr McCarthy asked whether the chair of Council was aware of the reference to a Council reception in Ms Cleveland’s application. Vice chair Amanda Martin said she had no idea, “but suspects it was planned in a previous era.”

It’s hoped the Terra Nova event will take place from 10th to 12th June, while the Folk Festival will kick off on 27th March, overlapping with the Walk Scilly programme.


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