Waste Consultants To Hold Further Meetings With Residents

moorwell alp 2The consultants in charge of developing the Council’s waste management strategy have said they intend to hold further public meetings on the islands.

Andy Street from advisors SLR said chief technical officer, Neville Gardner had asked for the sessions. This follows a demand from councillors at the General Purposes meeting earlier this month for a repeat of the presentation given to islanders. Cllr Amanda Martin said many residents were away on holiday at the time and had requested the information again.

Mr Street said the consultation, which had been extended to 15th February, has been helpful, and they’ve had a ‘good number’ of detailed and constructive responses.

He said it is too early to provide a detailed analysis of these, but they’ll be reviewing all responses in the coming days and these will be taken into account in formulating any decisions on the way forward.

Andy said the dialogue will continue even though there has been a formal close to the consultation process. That includes more discussions with key organisations, including the Moorwell Improvement Group and residents on McFarland’s Down.

No decision has been made on the management of materials that will need to be removed from the Moorwell site to allow redevelopment of the facility. And the identification of alternative sites does not in any way imply that any of them will be used, he says.

Clive Sibley from the Moorwell Improvement Group, which includes many residents of neighbouring Jackson’s Hill and Pilot’s Retreat told Radio Scilly that SLR have taken on board their main concerns. They’ve formally agreed to run with the re-routing of the access road through the Porthmellon Industrial Estate, as well as the provision of full screening around the perimeter of the new facility, he says.

Specific dates for future consultation events have yet to be finalised, but they will be happening over the next few weeks.

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