Uncertainty Over New Airport Terminal

St Mary's Airport

St Mary’s Airport

There’s uncertainty whether an upgrade of the St Mary’s airport’s terminal building will happen.

A £5m investment in the runway and airport buildings, guided by consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff, had been planned for this summer.

Part of the proposed improvement is the introduction of EGNOS, a navigation system that could enable landing in poor weather conditions, such as reduced visibility, which currently ground flights.

But the Civil Aviation Authority says they require a 75m clear space either side of the runway to sanction the use of this technology. And that means the terminal may have to be moved completely, if the technology is to be employed.

Council airport staff met with the CAA to try and find a solution at the end of January. Council staff are still waiting to hear the decision.

We’re told that runway works will go ahead but the terminal may have to wait.