Community Safety Partnership Survey Goes Live In Hugh Town

Police light 2St Mary’s police have held a session in Hugh Town to encourage people to fill in the latest Community Safety Partnership survey.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says PC Faye Webb and PCSO Shirley Graham spent time in the Deli last Thursday talking to customers about their concerns and offering a chance to complete the questionnaire.

Colin says the exercise was very positive, with around twenty extra responses being completed. Everyone who took part was rewarded with a ‘goody bag’ of pencils, rulers and pens.

The surveys will be added to those already completed online. It’s open for another week after which it will be closed down and results analysed.

Colin says last year’s consultation secured 151 responses and he hopes to exceed that this year, to get a better representative sample. The survey has been brought into line with the questions asked by Cornwall Safety Partnership, which will be run in March, and Colin says it will be interesting to compare the results.

Colin says he’s grateful to the Deli for ‘putting up’ with Shirl and Faye for the day.

If you want to take part in the Community Safety Partnership Survey please click here.