Island Water Consumption Falling

Buzza reservoir

Buzza reservoir

Water consumption has fallen on St Mary’s and the Council is putting this down to better leak repairs.

In June 2011, around 26,000 cubic meters of water were supplied on the island. Last June, consumption had fallen to 19,000 cubic meters.

Neville Gardner, chief technical officer from the Council, says work to refurbish the Buzza reservoir should prevent further waste. Part of a £1.5m Defra grant for water service upgrades is being used to build a new wall inside the underground structure.

Recently it’s only been around one-third full and capable of holding around 15,000 gallons.

It was poorly constructed and leaks if filled to its full 40,000-gallon capacity. It’s been leaky since 1924, when it was built, which prompted Cllr Chris Hopkins to question whether that was a record.

But the Council is refusing to answer questions on why island residents who want to use water meters cannot have them.

St Mary’s resident and estate agent Tony Dingley feels that people who don’t spent much time in second homes here would welcome the option to pay for what they use.

The Town Hall press office has chosen not to answer questions about this twice this month.


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