Grant For St Mary’s Sewers May Not Be Enough

hugh town centre 3A £1m grant to upgrade sewers on St Mary’s will “struggle to deal with needs of Hugh Town,” chief technical officer Neville Gardner has warned.

Last season, the manholes by the paper shop had to be lifted, as the so-called Mermaid Run drain cannot cope. It’s hoped that linking it with a faster flowing drain on Church Street may reduce the need for any urgent works this summer, but Neville warned the sewer is 70 years old, decaying and was designed to serve cottages not pubs and hotels.

The gradient is just 1 in 70 and almost at sea level, which doesn’t help, he said.

A future solution may be to lay a new pipe but in the meantime, the grant money will mostly be used on a new outfall. And it’s likely that the Council will need to dip into its sewerage reserves of £700,000 to fund the works, as a pipe will need go under the Garrison walls.

There’ll be some disruption to traffic as work is undertaken near the Paper Shop before the end of March.