Explosive Team Destroy Old Flares

Bomb disposal van

A team of explosive experts have been on St Mary’s detonating marine flares that have passed their recommended use-by date.

And their use of van marked with the words ‘Bomb Disposal,’ parked on Church Street, has generated some interest.

The flares were destroyed by a company Ramora, employed by The Coastguard, with two controlled explosions at Porth Wreck, between Porth Hellick and Deep Point, on Monday.

They’ve been stored on the islands since a flare amnesty earlier in January. St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark says they filled the boxes and had to turn people away.

“There’s certainly scope for another event like this,” he says.

Emergency planning lead at the Council, Rhona Holland, says, “It has long been a problem to dispose of out of date flares legally and safely. The MCA, the Duchy, Devon & Cornwall Police and the Council worked together to ensure we are able to offer the opportunity for the collection of these out of date flares.”

Rhona says the plan is to hold a collection annually.