Science Broadcaster Brian Cox Filming In Scilly

brian coxInterview by Jon Mackenzie

TV science broadcaster, Brian Cox, has been visiting the Isles of Scilly, filming for a new BBC2 programme.

He was here to tell the story of the marine chronometer, invented by John Harrison following the infamous wreck of the Association, in which the admiralty lost four ships on the rocks around the islands.

Brian said it’ll be part of ‘Science Britannica’ due to air in May and the filming on Scilly is the final day of almost a year’s work.

We asked physicist and astronomer Brian whether he’ll be taking over the head seat on TV’s long running ‘Sky at Night’ series. He’s appeared on the programme several times including the special 700th episode.

Brian said he wouldn’t and feels it’s in good hands with the current ‘strong’ team. He described the programme as ‘superb’ and ‘part of the fabric of the astronomy community in Britain.’

Brian also told us that he’d be keen to come back to Scilly with his family in the future.