Water Rates Set To Rise

hugh town from garrisonIf you use the Council’s water and sewerage services on St Mary’s and Bryher, then your charges will rise this year.

Chief technical officer Neville Gardner says this is the first increase in charges in three years and that was “noteworthy” when other water suppliers on the mainland were raising rates by 3.5% or more.

He told councillors that this was a, “good position to explain to our customers.”

Neville said the, “prudent and not excessive” increases would bolster the water and services cash reserves.

They need to build up funds because grants may not be available for infrastructure works in the future, after improvement works to the outfall pipe and Mermaid Run sewer that Defra has already agreed to part-fund.

The water and sewerage services have to, “stand alone” and cannot be subsidised by the ratepayer, said Mr Gardner.


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