Councillors Reject New Wooden Bins For St Mary’s

litter bin strandSt Mary’s will not be getting new wooden litterbins after councillors voted to reject these, based on cost and practicality.

David Senior presented a report to members at last Tuesday’s General Purposes meeting, describing the options for replacing thirty of the current green plastic bins around Hugh Town.

He said the existing ones were reaching the end of their useful life and starting to look shabby, which was affecting the perception of locals and visitors.

Councillors were told that replacing these with a wooden version would cost around £18,000. Part of the cost of this could be obtained through grants from the LAG and AONB, said David, although the Council would still need to find a contribution of around £7,000.

However, members appeared to prefer the second option, a black and gold plastic bin, which would cost just £3,270.

David said there was “little difference in performance” of the bins, with both being, “seagull-proof.”

Cllr Mike Nelhams said he was worried that wooden bins could become stained with rubbish and might weather unevenly over time. He had a feeling they’d soon start to look “ragged and scruffy.”

Mike said the plastic option looked “indestructible and easy to clean.”

And Committee chair Fred Ticehurst said the existing wooden bins outside Lloyds bank and the Mermaid looked, “damned awful.”

Cllr Amanda Martin was mindful there was a need to improve the public realm on St Mary’s but also highlighted the need to save money. She said they might need even more bins in future, so needed to be cautious.

She asked if thirty were enough for whole of St Mary’s including Telegraph and Old Town. They might get a better deal for larger numbers, she suggested.

But chief technical officer Neville Gardner felt they could use some of the older bins, in good condition, in those areas, while putting the new bins in areas that have already been upgraded with the new street lights.

Councillors voted to move forward with the plastic option.


4 Responses to Councillors Reject New Wooden Bins For St Mary’s

  1. Stuart February 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Sitting on the quay, listening to visitors comments on the state of the place, as I do, I wonder not on the declining numbers.

  2. Bill Hiner February 14, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    I wish the councillors who felt that they didn’t want waste bins that would appear “ragged and scruffy” would apply the same logic and concerns to some of the council owned properties in Hugh Town such as the rear of the Town Hall including the re-cycling bin area.
    The entrance door to the hall looks awful with flaking paint. The railngs outside are bent and buckled, and the tarmac around the re-cycling bins is littered with broken glass and rubbish.
    Can no-one on the council see how scruffy this area is?

  3. IOS fan February 14, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    We live in an AONB, SSSI etc etc and had bins that looked like that – then we got rid of them completely which funnily enough encouraged people to take their litter home – one way of saving a few quid.

  4. Iva Saye February 14, 2013 at 8:16 am

    However the bins are ‘prettied’ up if they are not regularly emptied the above photo shows the result. Not a good example for an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are even benches placed nearby for visitors to get a closer look!