Urgent Work Needed To Stop Flooding

Flooding at Porthmellon last November

Flooding at Porthmellon last November

Urgent work needs to be done to stop future flooding on St Mary’s, the Council’s chief technical officer, Neville Gardner, has told councillors.

Neville explained that rising water came “within a hair’s breadth” of causing serious problems at the electricity substation at Porthmellon during the downpours at the end of November.

Sandbags were used to stop water getting into the Economic Development and Emergency Planning building.

Neville explained that the pooling on the estate was because the water table had risen. He said that the drainage across the Lower Moors had become compromised and it won’t drain fast enough anymore.

There are also concerns over the stability of road past Rosehill, towards the duckpond. It may have been weakened by the rising water table and may not be well supported.

Neville told councillors that it was showing some signs of damage.

Cllr Amanda Martin said she was concerned about flooding around Shooters Pool area. Neville explained that there can be a problem with the drain into Old Town Bay because it can become blocked with a, “30 foot long sausage of seaweed” following tidal action.

The flood risk may be alleviated by de-silting the Lower Moors. Neville felt work done by the Duchy and Council 25 years ago had been effective and talks are underway between the Wildlife Trust, Council, Duchy and Natural England for the new work.

They would need to be consulted now because of the potential impact on the environment.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he was pleased that the Council was taking the lead on remedial work.

There would be cost implications, members heard. The Lower Moors are the Wildlife Trust’s responsibility but Neville reported that the Trust might not be able to take on the financial burden of de-silting.

Head of Finance Iain McCulloch advised members that the government had given the Council flood defence funding.

Discussions will continue.


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