Moorwell Meeting Described As Constructive And Positive

Jackson's Hill

Jackson’s Hill

A meeting between a group of St Mary’s residents and the Council’s waste consultants has been described as, “open, constructive and positive.”

The comments were made by Andy Street from SLR following a meeting with the Moorwell Improvement Group, formed by residents of Pilot’s Retreat and Jackson’s Hill.

Their spokesman, Clive Sibley, wrote to SLR Consultants to arrange the meeting.

Clive said the session was well attended by residents and a number of key concerns were raised, including using vegetation to screen the Moorwell waste site, running a new access road to the facility through the Porthmellon industrial estate and making the new incinerator as quiet as possible.

They also want the plans for household recycling to be revisited.

Clive told Radio Scilly that the meeting had a few heated moments but the general feeling was that the group’s concerns and suggestions had been taken on board by the consultants at an early point and would be incorporated into a revised plan.

Andy Street said he made it clear to the group that he wanted to maintain the dialogue going forward as their input is key to ensuring the right solution is delivered for Moorwell.

At last Tuesday’s General Purposes meeting of the Council, vice chair Amanda Martin received an assurance from chief technical officer Neville Gardner that he would arrange a repeat of the public consultation meeting with SLR.

She said there had been interest from people who were away from the islands at the time the presentations were made last month.

Cllr Richard McCarthy felt the consultation wasn’t publicised as well as it should have been and welcomed the extension to the consultation period to February 15th. He felt there was a case for a further session.

Community group Heart have also sent an open letter via email to residents of the islands drawing attention to what they say is the lack of consultation conducted by the Isles of Scilly Council over their plans to address the waste management issues at Moorwell.

Their letter says, “It is strongly felt that the lack of discussion between the Council and the people of St Mary’s thus far does not represent a transparent or accountable consultation process.”

The Heart committee have called on people to write to Council chairman, Mike Hicks, with their concerns before February 15th and have provided a pro forma letter to sign.