St Mary’s Could Get Street Trading Of Food

The Strand

The Strand

St Mary’s could have street market-style hot food sales by this summer.

Councillors have heard that Pom Ellis wants to sell Thai food from a trailer on The Strand. Her unit would take power from the Council public loos there.

Tania and Pete Reynolds have also applied for a permit to cook and sell takeaway crepes from a rickshaw on the Strand.

But both applicants will have to wait for a decision. Chief technical officer Neville Gardner told members there isn’t a street trading policy in place so they cannot currently issue a permit.

He advised councillors that there could be issues surrounding the location and duration of sale hours.

Chief planner Craig Dryden had voiced concerns that parking trailers on The Strand seven days a week could require planning consent.

Neville said the applications could be, “slightly more contentious” than occasional vegetable stall sales because they would be cooking food while you waited.

When asked about ice cream sales, Neville explained that those regulations were different and were, “very light touch.”

The chip van was also a different case, because it was in the Town Hall car park, not on the highway, and the Council rented that concession.

Some councillors felt that the future sale of pitches could bring in extra income. Neville told members that some councils charged many thousands for street trading permits, rather than the £110 fee here, but he accepted some areas have higher populations.

Neville said he didn’t want applicants delayed further. Members agreed a subcommittee to discuss a street trading policy, to go before Full Council in March.

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