Bryher Quay Improvements Can Go Ahead

Bryher Quay

Bryher Quay

Plans to upgrade Church Quay on Bryher have been passed by planners.

The Duchy want to provide a new temporary freight store, served by a concrete road, as well as improve the waiting room and traffic flow around the quay.

Their planning application says this is needed because a lot of unsightly pallets and goods are being left sitting on the quay and there is also damage to surrounding paths due to traffic.

Under their proposals, there’ll be new seating on the grass by the waiting room building, an enclosure around a ‘quay waste bin’ for the disposal of freight wrapping and a temporary car parking area.

Concerns about the impact of the new concrete road were raised by the AONB, who are worried about the effects of surface water run off on the delicate dunes system in the area. Natural England has also asked the Council to undertake an impact assessment of the scheme on the surrounding conservation area.

Planning officer Harriet Bowen said drainage will be installed along the quay and slipway to reduce the likelihood of damage.

Bryher Councillor Marian Bennett raised concern about the distance of the temporary freight storage site from the quay.

This was echoed by Cllr Chris Savill who said there needed to be a firm management plan in place to encourage people to use the facility rather than just leave freight at the top of the quay. She said this worked well on St Martin’s.

Councillors also removed a condition to limit Sunday working. Cllr Bennett said the quay was not near a residential area and there’s no freight delivered on Sunday, so there was no need to restrict working on this day, although construction will be scheduled so it doesn’t interfere with nearby church services.

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