Senior Union Leader To Visit Scilly’s School

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

A senior teaching union leader is coming to visit the Five Islands School on February 25th.

It’s the first time a national officer of any of the unions has formally visited Scilly.

Mick Lyons will be installed as national president of the NAS/UWT after Easter and the post holder regularly visits schools of all sizes.

The South West region is usually addressed by the national president in Cornwall at their AGM in the week after the February half term. He’ll visit with Kathy Wallis, the National Executive member for the district.

Kathy says Mick is keen to understand the challenges that teachers in Scilly experience and his trip is in no way connected to some of the recent troubles at the school.

The majority of school staff are now in the union and last October, Tania Reynolds was recognised at a union conference in Croyde with the South West Recruitment award for the largest increase in membership.

Kathy says the union is, “very proud of the members at Five Islands School.” During the visit Mick will meet with staff and the acting head teacher.