Residents To Meet Waste Consultants

Jackson's Hill

Jackson’s Hill

A group of St Mary’s residents will meet with the Council’s waste consultants tonight.

The Moorwell Improvement Group was formed by residents of Pilot’s Retreat and Jackson’s Hill and their spokesman, Clive Sibley, has written to Andy Street of SLR Consultants to inform them.

They agree with the principle of site clearance and are pleased funding has been found but claim some important areas of redevelopment of the dump site have been overlooked or  inadequately addressed.

They want a full-height, planted screen around the entire site to hide it and reduce noise.

They are also concerned about dump traffic sharing the access road with pedestrians, especially school children, and want a new access road between the former wholesalers building and Council offices on Porthmellon.

They want assurances that the new incinerator and plant will operate silently, and that it will be built as far as possible from homes. And they want the existing unit demolished.

Current proposals for recycling are based on locals separating their rubbish and taking it to Moorwell themselves. The group is worried that will increase traffic and some locals, especially the elderly, may not be able to recycle. They want a collection from homes.

The group only wants work on clearing the site undertaken between 9am and 5pm on weekdays in the season, so tourists are not exposed to noise, dust or smells and they want limited landing craft removals from Porthmellon beach.

After initial correspondence with the locals, Andy Street of SLR told Radio Scilly that he’s keen to work with the group to achieve the right result for all parties and says he doesn’t have any problem in principle with the points raised.

Clive Sibley also appears confident about this evening’s meeting. He says Council chief technical officer Neville Gardner appeared supportive of the screening and re-routing of the road.

The meeting will be held at 6.30pm at the Scillonian Club.