Newquay Airport Staff To Meet Islanders

newquay airportIslanders are being given the chance to put their questions and comments to the team who operate Newquay airport.

The Cornwall Council-owned facility has faced some criticism recently following a decision to end free waiting for car drivers who are picking up passengers.

There have also been complaints about what some islanders view to be the unfriendliness of security officials, although some locals have recently said they have noticed a friendlier attitude.

Managing director Al Titterington will meet with St Mary’s airport staff and health officials during the day on February 12th.

In the evening, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, there will be a public meeting in the Old Wesleyan Chapel which will also be webcast on the Council website.

The main purpose of the session is to find ways in which the experience of medical passengers can be improved.

Jane Hurd, a committee member of the islands’ health watchdog- LINk4Scilly told Radio Scilly that the group want to establish a dialogue with airport staff. A similar arrangement has already been established with the Steamship Company and medical bodies on the mainland and if a constructive communication system is established then everyone benefits, she says.

Diana Mompoloki from the Council’s Economic Development department warned that some issues islanders may raise are because Newquay has statutory obligations tied to the airport’s status and connections with other international airports.

She says the islands have to be careful because Newquay “do it by the book” and claims that we don’t here or at Land’s End may well antagonise the CAA.

It is more likely that our security will be made tighter rather than Newquay’s relaxed, says Diana.

She says we can’t ask them to change legislation but can ask whether staff can be more sensitive to passengers’ age or medical condition.

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