Parent Carers Group To Be Represented On Committee

wesleyan chapel full council meetingThe Islands’ Parents and Carers Group will have a place on the Council’s Children and Young Persons’ Committee. Members agreed to their reserved place at their meeting on January 24th.

The group was formed in 2009 and offers a united voice for 15 parents of children with special educational needs or disabilities. They have arranged and hosted parents’ workshops and art-activity learning sessions for children.

Last year, group member Tracey Smith told Councillors that the group’s focus is to break down barriers between parents and official services. She also stressed the importance of developing parents’ skills to improve quality of care for their children. That, the group say, also takes some pressure off services.

Many of the organisations and facilities used by members of the Parents Carers group are mainland-based.

The group has told that Council that they need more funding to attend mainland-based events and to extend their range of services in Scilly.

The group is now focussing on strategic issues like employment for children when they reach 18, apprenticeship schemes and establishing a closer relationship with GPs and the health centre.

Committee member Mel Downie told Radio Scilly that she was “delighted” that the group had been invited to join the Council committee as it will allow for true parent participation and collaborative working.


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