Waste Consultants Pleased With Public Sessions

Waste management site at Moorwell

Waste management site at Moorwell

The Council’s waste consultant is pleased with this month’s community waste consultation although some residents have reacted angrily to the proposal to use Pendrathen as a dump for inert building material.

Clearing and then redeveloping the Moorwell refuse site was the issue that concerned islanders the most at the Council waste management strategy consultation, according to Andy Street of consultants SLR.

Andy says proposals to level the site within the next three years were welcomed by nearly everyone. He says there was general approval of the proposals to aid recycling at the site, which will provide more efficient and cleaner ways of managing the waste on the islands.

Many islanders wanted more recycling on St Mary’s too, he told Radio Scilly.

Andy says there was also interest in the proposals to use processed inert materials, to be taken from Moorwell and two possible storage sites have been identified at Pendrathen and Porth Wreck.

Islanders have recently complained about the potential for future dumping at the Pendrathen quarry site.

Some attendees of the public sessions told the consultants that they wanted those waste materials sent to the mainland but Andy says most locals recognised the need to deal with the waste locally and he says many attendees understood that transfer to the mainland was not cost-effective.

Andy says islanders of all ages went along to the sessions in the Old Wesleyan Chapel, held over three weekdays earlier in January, and his colleagues handed out around 100 information sheets detailing proposals to attendees.

He says that the presence of the two representatives from the Environment Agency on the first two days was helpful, too.

DEFRA is offering the council over £12m of funding for waste management and more cash could be available if the government recognises that action is being taken to tackle the problems here.
You still have time to give your views. The consultation period has been extended until February 15th.

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