Permission Granted For Glasshouse On St Martin’s

ISREC fieldCouncillors have given permission for a new polytunnel, glasshouse and shed in fields below the St Martin’s primary school base.

In a written submission, Scilly Organics owner Jonathan Smith explained that the polytunnel would not be visible from the sea because of a high sand dune in front.

Councillor Christine Savill said the site was well-screened by hedges but she pointed out that it was the second such structure for the site.

Councillor Richard McCarthy thought there was a 5-year period of planning consent granted to polytunnels to make sure unused structures didn’t litter the islands. He wanted that planning condition added to this one.

But Councillor Amanda Martin wanted to know whether anyone was actually checking if polytunnels that were older than that were unused. In the meeting, planning staff agreed that should happen in the future.

Councillor Savill acknowledged that the Scilly Organics business was growing and that the applicant had revised the glasshouse design after discussion with the planning department.  Christine said the original plans to build it in plywood were “awful” but now it would be more ‘in keeping.”

The greenhouse will now feature reclaimed glass panes supported by wooden glazing bars.

Both structures will be used to expand the range of produce grown on St Martin’s and the AONB backed the application.