Council To Use Bailiffs To Recover Tax Debts

town hall windows signThe Council is prepared to ask magistrates to imprison islanders who repeatedly refuse to pay their Council tax bills or rates.

On Wednesday, magistrates sat on St Mary’s and dealt with £8,000 of liability orders against six people with outstanding Council tax.

The judges also ruled that a local business owing £26,000 in unpaid business rates had to pay.

Council finance staff say they have written to all the debtors to demand details of their income and expenditure. If they don’t reply within a fortnight, the Council can fine them £500 and the fine rises to £1,000 if they are found to have lied in the paperwork.

They can also order debtor’s employers to pay back the debts by taking an amount out of their wages at source.

Town Hall finance staff says bailiffs will be brought over to the islands to seize the property of locals who don’t pay and if any debtors are ignoring their liabilities but still going on expensive holidays, for instance, that would be ‘culpable neglect,’ and the Council would ask a judge to sent them to jail.


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