Award For Scilly’s Youth Parliament Member

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Scilly’s Member of the Youth Parliament, Alice Chuter, has won an award from the British Council for her work.

This has included highlighting the challenges that islanders face.

The 13-year old was chosen after submitting her log book containing words and pictures outlining her activities undertaken on behalf of the islands’ young people.

Each year, the Five Islands School pupils vote to elect a fellow student to represent their concerns in the national forum.

Alice’s documentation of transport issues, faced by younger islanders following the loss of the British International Helicopter service in October, brought a response from the Prime Minister.

Sadly, school commitments meant she had to turn down the chance to receive her award in Westminster. Alice did join the 250 other youth MP’s for their 4th annual parliamentary debate in London, though. She attended the Commons on November the 23rd.

Topics debated included equal marriage rights for all and the minimum wage. Although Alice did stand to speak, she was not selected by the Speaker.