Islands May Get Official Navy Visit This Summer

Type 23 frigate, HMS Somerset

Type 23 frigate, HMS Somerset

The islands may get their first official Royal Navy visit in over three years this summer.

St Mary’s harbourmaster, Dale Clark, says he’s liaising with Commander Tom Herman about the possible visit by a type 23 frigate, sometime during the 6th to 9th June.

Dale says the 133m, 4,900 tonne vessel should make an impressive sight anchored in St Mary’s Roads. Local tenders will be used for any shore trips and official functions on-board.

In March 2011 St Mary’s was the last, brief port of call for a type 22 frigate, HMS Campbeltown, before being decommissioned in Plymouth. Islander Ned Rogers, who was a lieutenant with the Royal Navy arranged for 180 pasties to be delivered to the ship.