Brewery Loses Back Yard Chiller Appeal

hugh town centre summerSt Austell Brewery has lost an appeal against Isles of Scilly Council planners and will now have to remove commercial freezers from the backyard of their staff house.

Planners refused to allow permission for the unit inside a shed behind Trekieve on Hugh Street.

The brewery appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to have that decision overturned, but planning inspector Katie Peerless has ruled that she didn’t think such commercial use was acceptable in the location.

Neighbours had complained about the noise and the inspector felt it was indeed noisy and that it could disturb locals, particularly in the summer when windows are open.

The brewery suggested that an acoustic engineer could reduce the noise by encasing the shed, but that approach came after the original planning request was rejected and the inspector said there was no evidence that would work.

And she still wasn’t convinced that the shed’s appearance and size would be acceptable.

The brewery also applied for costs against the Council but the inspector ruled they would only be awarded if the planners had behaved unreasonably, and they had not.

The Council was found to be justified in issuing the enforcement notice and it’s been upheld. Technically, the Council has the authority to remove the structure themselves.

St Austell Brewery declined a chance to comment.