Council Launch Consultation On Tenancy Strategy

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats

The Council has launched its new tenancy strategy, which aims to discover islanders’ views over changes to the way in which Council and housing associations manage their homes and operate tenancies.

There are 108 Council homes in Scilly and 59 housing association homes here, managed by Cornwall Rural Housing Association, Devon and Cornwall Housing Group and Hanover Housing.

Under the proposed changes, they will let new tenancies for a fixed length of time with a minimum five-year period. This won’t affect current association or council tenants.

Housing officer Ian Hamilton wants to hear the views of current tenants and people on the waiting list. He wants to know whether you think tenancies should be prioritised for those most in need and whether to keep probationary tenancies for new tenants.

You can contact Ian through the Town Hall until 28th January.