Council Seeks Funding For New Litter Bins

litter bin strandSt Mary’s could get new, high quality litter bins after the Council has heard these could be eligible for AONB sustainable development funding.

The wooden bins, similar to those installed in the newly redeveloped Porthcressa area, are estimated to cost in the region of £18,000.

At Wednesday’s AONB Joint Advisory Group meeting, Council representative David Senior, said half of that could be funded from the SDF scheme.

There had been some concern that this wouldn’t be possible as the rules didn’t allow funding if it was a statutory responsibility of the Council.

But, David says that means the Council would still need to find the remaining £9,000 and it couldn’t afford that out of it’s own budgets.

David says he’s looking for other public or private sector organisations, such as the Duchy of Cornwall and the Tourist Board, to help fund this and he’d know whether this was possible by the end of this month.

At an earlier meeting, Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said surveys that had been performed for the AONB early last decade had criticised some of the street furniture in Hugh Town and he said there was a desire to make this more appropriate for the setting.


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