Porthcressa Play Park Vandalised

The play park at Porthcressa

The play park at Porthcressa

The Council’s Children’s Services Manager says he’s disappointed that new £40,000 play park at the side of Porthcressa Beach has been vandalised.

And Joel Williams wants islanders to keep an eye out for more criminal damage and report anything suspicious to the police.

Police were called out after parents noticed that two ropes holding up the seat on the swing have been deliberately cut with a knife or a sharp object over the weekend.

What the vandal may not have realised is that there’s a steel core under the outer cord.

Joel says he’s reassured that the equipment purchased was robust enough to withstand this sort of action.

Council staff have removed the swing to check it in more detail and have requested more technical advice from the supplier, but it does look as though the swing will be able to be re-installed and there won’t be a significant cost to the Town Hall.

Joel says that they aim to get the swing back in the near future, probably after consultation with the police.

The play park has been getting a good amount of use recently and was particularly busy on Sunday, he says.

Police say there are no witnesses and there is no evidence left behind which might help to identify who carried out the act. In the meantime, Joel says they are increasing safety checks at both the Porthcressa and Garrison sites.


3 Responses to Porthcressa Play Park Vandalised

  1. Steve January 10, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    This is really upsetting at a number of levels – not least because it seems to be following a very unwelcome trend in recent months.
    Perhaps we should install some new equipment in the park – for starters, a set of stocks so that the children for whom the park was built could have the opportunity to throw wet sponges at these mindless vandals. (“Wet sponges!” I hear you cry, “Too good for them – we should pelt them with rotten veg!”)

  2. Bill Weaver January 9, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Can this mindless stupidity really be happening on Scilly? Crime free for so long – more to the point, will the mindless idiots ( and dare I say it, their parents ), be allowed to get away with it if caught??

  3. Bill Hiner January 9, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    What a petty thing to do! This vandalism-based behaviour seems to be getting more common on St Marys lately.
    I have noticed that this facility has been “hijacked” to a large degree by youngsters who, quite frankly, should be really embarrassed about using a playpark at their age! I have seen small children quite upset because teenagers who gather there hog the swings etc.
    Could the Council introduce a maximum age limit to try to ensure that this excellent facility can be used solely by those for whom it was intended?